My Prostate Milking First Time Was Great

prostate milkingIf you want to try prostate milking for the first time, then read my article to discover if you should try it and learn from my experience. If you want to experience it yourself then read this blog post to find out more.

The prostate gland is walnut size organ that is found below the urethra and it is responsible for production of seminal fluid. The seminal fluid is usually very important and its main responsibility comes in during reproduction. The prostate gland is what makes a man and that is why every man should take time to take good care of it. Over the years doctors and medical practitioners have come up with natural ways in each men can heal a prostate with conditions or just promote the health of the prostate.

One of the natural ways that doctors and medical practitioners have advocated is performing prostate milking.So how do you do it? This is a process where the ejaculation occurs at the peak of a prostate massage where the semen flows out continuously as compared to sexual intercourse where semen flows in small quantities. During prostate milking it is important to know that ejaculation of semen should be continuous and a lot, this where the term milking is derived from. Learning about male prostate milking can be a simple process when you follow some of these basic instructions.

Prostate Milking Done The Easy Way

Am sure you may be asking yourself which men should consider having prostate milking. Well it is important to know that the milking of the prostate is suitable for all men. What I mean for all men is that, both men suffering from prostate conditions and those with healthy prostate can go for this process. A healthy prostate is one that has no prostate conditions such as prostatitis or BPH. You should know that men enjoy performing the process. The milking of the prostate process is usually performed by massaging or milking the prostate gland. When the prostate is massaged it usually excites the man. This excitement later turns to mind blowing pleasure which later makes the man to have powerful ejaculation compared to sexual intercourse ones. With all this excited revolving around milking of the prostate, many men always find themselves going back for more experiences so as to go through the powerful ejaculation  of the prostate, well here are some reasons why most men look forward to having this process performed on them.

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  1. ali says:

    i am agrree

  2. Sam Winchester says:

    Great with an 8! I did it with my brother the other night and it was the most amazing thing we ever did! Everyone should try!

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